6 Ways of Seeing It

To the man walking away while
He whistles, while the sun takes
Tears from tired eyes it…
Seems like a chain,
Seems like a chain sent
Rattling down, a well.

The woman deep napping deep
In the gloom of a giant
Gnarled tree hears, dream-
Like, whistles in the sun-
Light that comes creeping up
Her white, napping legs like:
A spider that out…
A spider that crawls out…
Of a well.

The lean, spectacled photographer
Snaps down flowers in pursuit
Of it and, shooting shooting
Shooting, captures a frame of a:
Chain on a boat,
A chain on a boat that
Rattles in, the bay.

A child hanging from a tree
Hanging up-side-down hears
A click click clack of
A camera capturing a woman
Napping down napping down
Below near it, near:
A marble,
A red marble that rolls
Towards the bay.

The lean dog licks it and sniffs
At it and paws at…
A marble a red
Marble that rolls

That old man taps down
A street where an author sits
Sipping coffee and cakes while
Explaining to: a boy a:
Small boy that pets a
Big dog that paws at a
Woman waking with: a jolt
That a camera-man captures
With a click with a
Click that catapults down
A dry well where it was…
Heard once where it
Was seen once,
Long ago.

Instagram of a Lady

If you happened to hike up
This way, trekking from town,
That crouches over a crevasse
That tumbles to a stream
That swirls to a river
That churns to a sea where
Ships power off to ports
Where people come,
Pushing down from cloud-hung,
Distant hills. And,

If you happened to push
Through brambles and brakes
And if you gazed up at
A half-shuttered window you might see,
Reflected in watery glass:
A mute, stuffed nightingale perched
Next to open scissors that point
At a mound of beads, waxed –

While, with a face to a wall,
A lone figure, turns.