The Final Settlement

I hike up ahead. That snap
And crack of branches breaking,
Is me, hiking up ahead.

And passing by a door, there
Sat Calhoun, wrapped up tight
In flannels, and staring with
Beady, wasted eyes while
Mason reads, aloud:

You push through the crowd. That
Creak and thud of tables parting,
Is you, hiking up ahead.

Speeches heard on a hot,
Hazy Fourth. Sweat blinding
Eyes that push through crowds
To Taylor, acres ahead, and
Eating: iced milk, cherries, raw
Cabbage that will…

They “Halloo” on passes above. That
Smash of boulders barreling down
On us, is them pushing, them.

Kill Walker, the grey-eyed, in
A misty field, far from town, all
While blind-folded and mumbling
Words in wild Honduras…

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