Eaves – Dropping

Two rows back on the
Opposite end of a train
Car that belches and roars
Out a thick, bewildering
Ash of pastes and particles
You seem to over-hear-

“Taney and James – they’re in
On it they are in
Cahoots. Conspiratorial
You might say.”

The steel train grinds-grinds-
Grinds bolts and bars and
Breaks down coal with a
Hiss a loud-loud hiss-
Of delight.

“And a friend told me
That a friend of his who
Was there heard from a
Man that Lincoln had said that
He makes a chestnut
Horse a horse

Your bolted-down seat
Shakes from the pound-pound-
Pound of pistons screeching
Out steam that clings to
The misty panes of pale
Glass that you, buffeted and
Blockaded, squint through and

“Like the roar-roar
Of Chicago when Honest Abe’s
Nomination came through.”

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