The Late Director’s Notes

Early Morning

Rudolph breaks eggs on
The radiator, grinning
At Jill.

“She’ll never come.”

A severed hand sits on
The table, stirring
Jill’s instant juice.

“Now. It’s time.”

A grasshopper raps
On a window.

Summer, 2 Years Earlier

“Why don’t we? Yes, it’s
A fine idea.”

Three sweaty, stout men
Push the red baby grand.


A shoeless foot taps
On the cold tile floor.

“Yes. Let’s go.”

Rudolph picks
Up the phone.

13 Minutes Before

The slim black cat
Laps at egg, hissing

At the noise coming
From the window.

Dusk, Late Winter

The guests arrive.

Rudolph, in another room,
Pours juice for Jill.

The guests arrive.

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