“She’ll be right” in Sydney

Today, while I was enjoying an afternoon coffee by the Opera House, I was reading about the history of Australia, and I came across a phrase that’s been stuck in my head ever since. Apparently, a common phrase to say is, “She’ll be right,” which means, basically, that everything is going to be alright. Don’t worry. Things might be bad right now, but look on the bright side. Be optimistic. Don’t let anything get you down. “She’ll be right.”

I bring this up because what I think is a remarkable thing about Australians is their general attitude. They all just seem so relaxed and happy and upbeat and optimistic. Like nothing can really get them down. That everything is going to be fine in the end. I honestly can’t recall a place I’ve been where most everyone does seem to be this way… so I’ve of course started to think this is truly pretty unique and remarkable about this place, especially in winter! But, the more I get to know Sydney, the more I realize why I would also start saying the same exact thing if I happened to live here.

Why? Because it was at last pretty much sunny most of the day! And I explored the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the neighborhood I’m staying in (the Rocks), all before going on a nice long afternoon walk through downtown to see what I could see. I wound up at the Hyde Park Barracks Museum, which was a great find, and really highlighted and celebrated the convict history of Australia’s European settlement. From here I then dipped back into the Art Gallery of New South Wales, and went through the Botanic Gardens to walk back by the Opera House. This place just pulls at you, the Opera House, like a magnet. You just want to see it and be by it.

Throughout all of this, I can only describe the sights and the smells as “She’ll be right,” even if that doesn’t make any sense. Or maybe I should say that about my attitude. That I’m better by having seen and smelled that awesome Rocks Market, where I had some shrimp and kangaroo for lunch. Or the beautiful view of the harbor as I walked across the Bridge. Or the way the light falls in this part of the world. How gentle it is.

Or… it could be right now, and the fact that music is again and always playing from the bar downstairs, and people love to sing along. You could probably guess, if you asked these people, that they’d all say after the music faded off, “She’ll be right.”

Who wouldn’t be, right?

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