Exploring Taronga Zoo

Today I set off on an early ferry from Circular Quay, and made the short trip across the harbor to Taronga Zoo. It was a beautiful morning, cool and crisp, and a slight haze hung over the bridge. The ferry docked, and a bus took me up to the main entrance.

What I really liked about all of this was that you never knew what was coming. Everything is so well-covered by massive green trees and leaves. So much so in fact that from the ferry terminal Taronga more so looks like just an empty cliff, with nothing really behind it. But once you walk through the gate, I think you are hit with probably one of the coolest zoos out there. Taronga is an awesome place.

I say this because it’s one of those places full of such small, interesting details. Like pathways that twist off into the trees. Houses. And then suddenly animals everywhere. Free birds that wander around in the trees. And how it all sits so delicately on hill sides that slowly bring you back down to the ferry. Take a look:

The first animals I came upon were the koalas. It was still early morning, and it looked like they were still slowly waking up. Just down the way from here you hit one of the zoos most famous sights…

Look at the view the giraffes have! That’s one of the cool things about Taronga. It has one of the best views of Sydney. Although I personally think these guys have the better view…


Taronga also has some of Australia’s great native animals, like the Tasmanian Devil and Kangaroos.

I had never seen a Devil before, and was surprised by how small they were! The Kangaroos and the Emus were in a bushwalk type of exhibit, where there weren’t any fences. You could truly get up close and personal. And all the Kangaroos were sprawled out like the one above.

I then stumbled upon a gorilla feeding before being struck by a spectacular view back to the city. See the Opera House in the distance?

Continuing my descent back to the ferry, I came upon tons of people, but still some great animals. I caught the cat below as it was jumping! This is a Fishing Cat… yes, it literally fishes. The one on the end is a Red Panda, who I happened to come upon perched on the end of a tree.

From here, I set back off across the harbor, admiring the view, and the late-day sun.


One thought on “Exploring Taronga Zoo

  1. Sherry Marr July 11, 2016 / 1:01 am

    How wonderful to be able to enjoy the animals, so close to the city. What a view the giraffes have!!!!


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