Into the Blue Mountains

Today was an interesting and fun day, mainly because it was very un-planned. I opted for an organized tour, which is something I really never do… since I prefer the greater freedom of doing it yourself. But, I think I’m starting to come around. Or maybe I just had a great tour guide…

I set off for Blue Mountains National Park, which is about an hour or so outside of Sydney. I went with a very small group, and probably one of the funniest tour guides around. This guy just had such a dry sense of humor, and there were little moments during the day where I couldn’t tell if I should be afraid, or just laugh. I say this because it was a very rainy, windy, and downright cold day in the Blue Mountains, and there were times when we’d be driving, and he’d be going into great detail and depth about a story, even moving his arms around in the air, but most of the windows would be fogged over, and I swear he didn’t have his hands on the actual steering wheel. But… I guess if you have to go down, this is as good a place as any! In the end, I just laughed anyway. At least I couldn’t see a car coming right at us, if one was coming. Hah-hah.

So, dealing with this cold and rain, we ventured down into a great Grand Canyon-like Park to see an ancient forest. Some of the trees in this area are millions of years old! And this age combined with the seclusion of the valley and the rain dropping on the canopy of leaves above, made for an unforgettable experience. It smelled so fresh and pure. Deep breaths of rain.

Other highlights of the day included lunch in the picture-perfect town of Leura, taking pictures on a sheer, windswept cliff, an Aboriginal rock carving of a kangaroo, and taking a boat back to Sydney on the Parramatta River right where the Olympics had been held. I think at least it was a good final day in Sydney. See for yourself…

It rained and then it stopped all day. The picture on the right shows the famous Three Sisters rock formation in the Park. We went down into the valley below.

Some more photos, and then the giant cable down and down. At the bottom is the ancient forest.

It was just a great quiet forest full of ferns, turpentine, and different types of gum

trees. A lot of this type of vegetation is what the dinosaurs walked around in! Still, far above us, is was raining…

We then took a stop for lunch in the quaint little town of Leura, where I had an excellent chicken meat pie, before continuing to Wentworth Falls, which we had to hike down to. The view was worth it though:


And then the Falls.

After this it was getting late in the day, and we quickly stopped at a look-out over the Valley. The guide (I wasn’t sure if he was joking?!) said someone was nearly blown off a day back. Well, at least the view was nice.


The day then officially ended with some rock art, and the cruise back. It was great to go under the Bridge and see the Opera House lit up in the dark!

See the Kangaroo?

One thought on “Into the Blue Mountains

  1. Holdinn July 11, 2016 / 11:32 am

    cool post!, thank you for sharing Matthew!


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