About – My Citizen Kane Moment

Is it presumptuous to explain what this web page is about by referencing Citizen Kane? Definitely. There’s no doubt about it. After all, Citizen Kane is about one of cinema’s greatest megalomaniacs. A man who so forcefully asserted his vision and principles on the world that it ultimately blinded him, and he ended up loosing everything – even though he was ensconced in his great big mansion.

I’m calling this my “Citizen Kane” moment not at all because I want to be like the disturbed Charles Foster Kane, but because of one of the many great moments in the film. The “Declaration of Principles” moment, where Orson Welles, after staying up all night preparing the first edition of his paper, tells us what it’s all about. Why he’s doing it in the first place. This is my “Declaration of Principles” section. What this odd little page is all about.

So, here goes.

This “Literary Doc” page is an extension of one of my many alter-egos. The “literary” alter-ego, that part of myself that cares deeply about not just literature in that boring sense of the word, but in its deeper, purer sense. As an expression of perhaps our most human qualities: pain, suffering, struggle, joy, hope, and love. Literature as the crystallization of the human experience in words and language.

My goal, then, is to create a small space on the endless expanse of the internet where these ideas matter. I plan to share thoughts on literature, why it matters and what it can do for us in the 21st century. And I’ll do this through a choice selection of literature. Those poems and novels that have served as the backdrop to our shared human experience. I’ll also share other observations as well, especially as they relate to travel – which is that other, and greater alter-ego of my personality.

If you want, check out the link below that should send you to Citizen Kane. It’s the “Declaration of Principles” moment. See how Orson Welles sets it up? He’s optimistic, but there’s an underlying darkness. There’s something not quite right about all of this. Such is the case with nearly everything… this little project included.




2 thoughts on “About – My Citizen Kane Moment

  1. Sherry Blue Sky May 31, 2016 / 9:37 pm

    Matthew, would you please email me at wildwoman2@shaw.ca ? My computer has not remembered your email address. Argh. Have a question (no worries, not another interview, LOL.)


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